Organic Granules

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Organic Granules

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The word "organic" pertains to the use of non-chemical fertilizers as manure and compost and the word "manure" refers to any natural substance for fertilizing the soil, especially dung or refuse. Plants are built up from the food they get, either through the chlorophyll process or from the soil. During their growing process, plants take out many elements from soil. Hence, new food has to be added from time to time.

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No organic matter may be burnt or thrown away, but must be put back into the field. This is the way nature restores and improves itself. The form of returning organic matter to the soil may take many shape: composting, mulching, green manuring, etc. Chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used minimum.

Organic matter is the most important constituent of any soil because it is in organic matter that all the microbes and other minute forms of life exist. It releases plant food slowly and steadily, the way plants need to be fed. It will not leach away.

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