Neem Powder

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Neem Powder

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Due to their insecticidal and antibiotic properties, neem tree extracts are quite popular in gardening and agriculture sectors. On one hand, neem extracts are nontoxic to humans, birds, and other beneficial insects. And on the other hand, they enhance soil fertility and protects your plants from many predators.

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Though they were originated in India, Nowadays, you will find the uses of common neem extracts such as neem oil, neem seed cakes, or neem leaves in various part of this world and not just restricted in India.

i Moisture, percent by weight 12.0
ii Colour Brown to Black
iii Odour Typical only odour specific to the oil of that seed and no foul odour
iv Ash content, percent by weight, minimum 15.0
v Total organic carbon, percent by weight, minimum 25.0
vi Total Nitrogen (as N), percent by weight, minimum 4.5
vii Total Phosphates (as P2O5), percent by weight, minimum 1.0
viii Total Potash (as K2O), percent by weight, minimum 1.0
ix C:N ratio <10
x PH 6.0 - 8.0
xi Conductivity (as dsm-1), not more than 4.0
xii Particle size Not less than 75 percent of the material shall pass through 4mm IS sieve
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